Workout of the Week

30 01 2011

Predesigned total body workouts that I use for myself and in my boot camps.  Print them off and take them with you to the gym or when you have road trips.  Short on time? Do the workout one time through for a calorie blast that only takes 20 minutes.  Turbo charge it by doing each circuit twice for a kick butt 40-45 minute workout!






7171 Mile Fitness Challenge

26 01 2011

February is a very exciting month in the Tucker house. February means we are over half way and we only have 90 days until Chad comes home!!!!  So, to keep us connected, to give us something to work toward together, and to make sure we are both smokin’ hot when he returns, Chad and I decided to do a whole round of P90X together, which is 90 days long…PERFECT!!!  We are going to keep each other accountable.  Cheer each other on.  And support one another when we struggle.

Then we had a great idea.  We thought you all could help us celebrate this count down to VMAQ-3 homecoming by joining us in our fitness challenge.

So here’s our challenge…

  • There are about 7171 miles between Chad and us.  My goal is for us to beat them back here…in pounds lost.  Huh!?!?!
  • Every pound you lose counts for 10 miles.
  • So, if you lose 20lbs you have contributed 200 miles…make sense?  Conservatively, you can lose 1lb a week and lose 12lbs before they get home and contribute 120 miles.
  • Don’t have any weight to lose or if you reach your goal wt before the 90 days is up…each mile your run, walk, bike swim counts as a mile.  Spend 60 minutes strength training…counts as 6 miles.
  • Shakeology option….Now,  a lot people that just aren’t ready to commit to a fitness plan…I get that. I can’t get my mom to sweat for the life of me…not sure I’m really her child…kidding mom;) So, you can take your first steps to getting healthy by committing to drink Shakeology like my parents did…and most of my clients. Without going into it, it is the best supplement I have ever had…and I have had a lot.  Added bonus…it’s SAFE…new and different concept for the fitness world;)  EACH shake you drink is worth 1 MILE and you will lose weight drinking it so count those miles too:)  It’s not a miracle drink…I don’t believe in those but it will supply your body with all the nutrients it needs to bring you  metabolism out of “sluggish mode” which we all suffer from. Learn more about it…Shakeology Review.
  • Every Sunday morning will be the weigh in day (first weigh in is on a tuesday but weigh in every sunday following that).  Use the same scale every time.
  • Submit you weight to me each Saturday via email ( or Facebook (…this is confidential. AND the miles your ran/walked/biked…AND the number of Shakes you drink that week.  I will announce who is in the lead by miles but I won’t announce weight.
  • Support each other right on this page by leaving comments, asking questions and encouraging each other.  You will see Chad and I post frequently.
  • Competition starts: Feb 1 (first weight in) and ends May 1

How Do You Enter

  • Email me your plan…what program or form of exercise are you going to commit to?  How many times a week? Are you going to be drinking Shakeology?  What is your goal?  I need all the goods:)
  • You already know our plan…P90X 6 days a week and drinking Shakeology every single day. Both of us want to have a six pack by the time he gets home. 16% body fat for me and  15 pullups unassisted.
  • Then email me  your starting weight on Feb 1 and each week after that.  I will send out reminders, tips, and answer any questions you have along the way…that is why you need to email me.
  • MUST: make your commitment “public” and post “I’m in” in the comment section.  I will post my journey each week and send you the link in which you will post your miles…and your successes and your struggles (if you want).  Just a great way to keep us all accountable and motivated:)

How Do You Win?

  • The person that contributes the most miles wins a Team Courage shirt that I am having designed as we speak.
  • The person that loses the most in terms of percentage also wins a Team Courage Shirt
  • AND…one random person will also win a Team Courage shirt…Chad will draw a name from his flight helmet when he gets back;)

Don’t know where to start or need a little help?

That’s what I do for a living.  That’s what we are passionate about.  Just ask!  We became fitness coaches because we know the programs work.  I use them with my personal training clients because…THEY WORK! We have seen Shakeology change peoples lives when the fitness aspect was just too overwhelming to begin with. We have a meal planning system right at our fingertips.  Whatever the barrier is we can help.  Let us know how we can help.

  • You can always research the programs by yourself and then ask my opinion or just go for it:)
  • ( this is our FB fan page.  We have an online store and you can click on any program to get a full list of all the programs.  I have my favorites but there is something for every fitness level)

What we learned from this deployment

Well, we have learned a lot but, one thing that we have both learned is how much we have taken each other and the joys of our family for granted.  More than ever we refuse to let some disease that is completely under her control cut our time short with our family and friends. Join the quest to have more years with our family by joining this challenge with us.

Fitness Challenge Week 1

Fitness Challenge Week 2

Why Certified Personal Trainers are Becoming Beachbody Coaches

17 11 2010

As I pack my bags for Ohio in search of a solution for my stomach issues I reflect on how truly blessed I am to be a Beachbody coach. Before Team Beachbody, an illness, a vacation or a move would bring my personal training business to a complete hult. Thankfully, I am no longer tied down to my geoghraphical area.  Even though I can’t touch them physically, I have the tools necessary to continue to help my clients here in North Carolina and the others all over the country on their road to better health and continue my commitment to stick by them every step of the way.

Over the past year I have slowly perfected how to implement being a Beachbody coach into my business.  I have learned how to use it to better support my clients and increase my income at the same time. I no longer struggle with addressing nutrition properly as Beachbody has a program for that.  I no longer stress over loss of income during vacations, military moves, holiday travel, or hard economic times…I have built a business that capitalizes on residual income.

There is a growing number of personal trainers jumping on board. The ability to reach more people and touch more lives is an invaluable opportunity.  To be able to increase your income doing something you’re passionate about…that’s priceless!

Here is how I use Beachbody to better train my clients, reach more people and grow my business…

  • They have a large variety of workout programs complete with nutritional programs that I use to compliment my training sessions with my clients on the days they are not with me. There is a 25% commission on all these programs so it’s a win-win situation. I also later use these same programs when clients stop training with me so that I never really lose them as a client.
  • Beachbody has an extensive, high quality supplement line (Including Beachbody’s amazing health shake called Shakeology), another great tool to help your clients reach their fitness goals.  You also receive 25% commission on all these purchases.  Your clients order directly from your site…that is set up for you (awesome), so you never have to spend a ton of money to stock inventory.
  • Beachbody offers a club membership that I utilize for meal planning for my clients.  As coaches we receive 50% commission on quarterly club dues and then I offer a service to help them with planning.  I help them pick meals and snacks that they prefer while staying in the right nutritional values that is all calculated within the club membership program.
  • Use Beachbody’s site to track progress by entering in measurements, goals, before and after pictures…very motivating for clients. Clients sign up for a FREE membership under you also giving them access to fitness  tips, nutritional tips and more.  All their purchases can be made through here ensuring your receive the commission and they benefit from your support.
  • Require your clients to log their workouts in the online WOWY super gym.  This is another form of accountability, motivational, tracks progress and enters them into daily drawings for cash prizes ranging from $100-$1000, iPods, cameras, etc for working out.
  • Built my team as to where I am eligible for 1-2 paying clients a day.  I receive around 6-10 new clients each week. I have the opportunity to coach them through their chosen program and earn commissions on any Beachbody purchase they make.
  • Invite clients who enjoy their new healthy and fit lifestyle to join your team of Coaches. Not only is this another amazing way to help keep them on track but, as you build your team you become eligible for the customer lead program in which Beachbody starts to send you customers to support on their fitness journey.  You will then earn commission off their purchases in exchange for your guidance. What an amazing way to reach more people and expand your business beyond your limits

All in all, the Beachbody compensation plan offers you 8 ways to earn money including a 25% commission on retail sales and a 50% commission on quarterly club dues that we talked about.

Sign up is FREE until December 31, 2010…what an amazing opportunity for personal trainers.  I am all for helping you implement these strategies into your business.

Read this Fitness Professionals Virtual Flex document that goes more in depth and then lets talk.  It’s too good to pass up!

A little info about The Beachbody Company

  • Beachbody spends $100 million in advertising a year
  • Beachbody assigns 50,000 new clients to Team Beachbody Coaches EACH WEEK…I get 1-2 new clients per day!!!
  • Entrepreneur Magazine rated Beachbody #69 of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies.
  • Has 3 of the 5 top infomercials
  • P90X has been #1 for 18 straight months

Contact Us

9 07 2010

Sommer Tucker, PT


Chad Tucker


Let Us Help!

I realize that weight loss can be complicated. It can be overwhelming and frustrating.  However, research suggests that even just a 15-20 minute chat with a fitnees coach each month makes you over 50 percent more likely to lose the weight and keep it off! So, let us coach you…that’s what we’re here for, and it’s FREE!    Click hereRemember, not only do we automatically become your coach when you make a purchase from our site, we also earn a commission from Beachbody as a way to compensate for our time spent coaching…how awesome is that! So, let us help you pick the perfect program for your goals and don’t forget to get it through us!


 At the very least, leave a comment and keep us posted on your progress! Good luck on your fitness journey!

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