P90X Results Week 1

5 02 2011


WOW…week 1 is already out of the way and let me tell you what, I am definitely ready for my “off” day tomorrow.  This almost 30 year old body is SORE!!!!  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy every second of my workouts this week.  I am definitely used to a much faster pace workout with my boot camp style that I torture myself with.  Having said that, my body was definitely ready for a change.  Even though I switch it up constantly, I just wasn’t experiencing that awesome “eww I hurt but I love it so” feeling.  So even though I wasn’t used to all the standing around, a day didn’t go by this week that I didn’t feel that awesome  “I can’t bend over to pick up Riley” or “my butt is on FIRE as I walk up these stairs” kind of soreness.


I also tightened up my diet a bit. I am usually a really healthy eater but I decided to follow the P90X nutrition program very closely starting with the “Fat Shredder” phase.  It was tough because I could only have one serving of fruit and one serving of carbs the whole day.  That’s tough when your workouts are that hard but you are only suppose to stay in that phase until you body is telling you it is time to move on (the more wt you have to lose the longer you can stay here…up to about 3 wks) and my body is saying “MOVE IT OR LOSE IT, GIRL”!  I believe I get to add another fruit and a carb. I did commit to removing alcohol as I usually enjoy a glass or two with the girls on Thursday nights but I really can’t say I missed so no big deal there.


I am not one to deprive myself because I just don’t believe in that.  But, when I say I am going to do something I do it too.  So, I committed to the the nutrition program and that’s that.  However, a very nice mother-in-law sent us a box of Cheryl cookies for Valentine’s day and you would have thought she sent us a million dollars we were so excited.  Riley was bouncing on her knees as I  opened the box and I probably was too.  I was so excited and….I ATE ONE…or TWO!  UGH!  After that I felt like I just kept craving them.  I didn’t eat anymore but it felt like torture knowing they were in the cupboard. I have been shoving them down my kids mouths just to get them out of my house and keep the calories out of my belly.  I know, right…mother of the year award;)

And, while I am spilling the beans, a very good friend of mine invited me out to Outback and I had some of the Bloomin’ Onion. Not very much but still not on Tony’s plan, right?!?! The rest of my meal was grilled shrimp, broccoli and a half of a sweet potato (which I saved my carb for), water and no bread!

To top it off, I was very disappointed with my performance during Ab RipperX and YogaX.  I didn’t realize my core needed so much attention.  Also, my flexibility and ability to clear my mind is lacking greatly.


I do much better when it just isn’t in the house.  I don’t crave things and I definitely won’t make a special trip out to get ice cream even if I am craving it.  So if you have this same problem, my suggestion is to CLEAN OUT YOUR CUPBOARDS!! If it isn’t there you can’ eat it, right?!?  And don’t tell me you have to have it for your kids because they don’t need that crap either…I’m sorry, it had to be said;)

As for my Abs and yoga…even though I am guilty of skipping them in the past I am not going to miss a one:)  Time to focus on all aspects of my health.


I was definitely shocked and happy with my stats and my before picture.  I am content where I am at right now but I am curious to see what this body can do. I have even moved on to the blue pull up band (provides the least amount of assistance) so that was a victory for me this week.

Starting weight:122 (weighed in at 118 at Chad’s parents so don’t know if I gained wt or the scales are just different)

Starting body fat %: 18% (I was pumped about this because that was a goal I set before Chad left…now I’m going for 16%)

Starting pant size: 4

Miles this week: 36 (workouts)+ 3 (short runs) + 8 (Shakeology drinks) = 47 miles


First of all, thank you to you all that have committed to this journey with Chad and I…it means the world to us. Now it’s your turn.  We all have our struggles so share it.  Get it off your chest and you just never know who it might help…including YOU.  By confessing you are more likely to pay closer attention next time when faced with the same situation.  And share how you hope to fix it.  Again, it will help someone that is having the same struggle…and you know someone is in your same shoes right now. Most importantly, share your successes!  You should be proud of your accomplishments.  It’s not bragging.  We want you to succeed and we want to celebrate that with you.  Lastly share your miles so we can see how far we have travelled:)


W.O.W #4 (Workout of the Week)

17 12 2010

WOW #4 (Workout of the Week)

Complete each circuit with no rest in between each exercise.  Only 60 sec break between each circuit.  Feeling motivated…complete each circuit 2 or 3 times before moving on to the next.

Circuit 1

  • Lunge and press (30sec ea leg)
  • Wall sit w Bicep curls (60 sec)
  • Thread the needle (30sec ea side)
  • Standing Mt Climbers (60 sec)

Circuit 2

  • Fast squats w every 5th being a jump squat (40 reps)
  • Ball tricep pushups (30 sec)
  • Plank with pelvic tilt (30sec)
  • Lunge touch the ground (60 sec)

Circuit 3

  • Sumo squat w side kick (16 each side)
  • Single leg Deadlift with row (12 ea leg)
  • Side plank w pushup (30 sec)
  • Squat Jacks (60 sec)

PYRAMID (only do 1 time through)

  • Pushup
  • Shoulder press (from your knees, don’t sit on your heals)

1 pushup, 1 shoulder press, 2 pushups, 2 shoulder press, all the way to 10

  • Remember that your knees stay behind your toes on all squats and lunges.
  • When squatting, stick butt back while keeping eyes forward and squeeze on the way up.
  • When jumping always land softly on the balls of your feet.
  • Lunge Press combo… Standing in a lunge with feet far apart and weights in each up at shoulder height.  Lower down into a lunge (think straight down like a carousel horse), raise straight back up out of the lunge and simultaneously perform a shoulder press, pressing the weights toward the ceiling.  Lower back down into a lunge and lower arms back down.  Stay on the same leg for 30 sec and make sure front knee always stays behind front toe.
  • Wall sit with Bicep curl…Lean against the wall and sit down like you are sitting in a chair.  Top of legs parallel to the ground, knees behind toes. While holding that wall sit, perform a bicep curl. Elbows should stay glued to your side. Bend at the elbows and lift dumbbell up to about the armpit and lower all the way back down in a controlled fashion. Modification…don’t go down as low in to the wall sit.
  • Thread the needle…In the side plank position with right hand on the floor and left arm up toward the ceiling, hip off the ground and spine in a straight line take your left arm and move it in between the floor and your hip allowing your body to rotate a little (looks like threading a needle).  Then slowly return your left arm back to the start position.  That’s a hard one to explain:) Modification…do it with knees touching the ground instead of up on the side of your feet.
  • Standing Mt. Climbers…Lift your right leg to hip height and put your left arm straight up in the air. Switch bringing your left leg up and your right arm up.  Continue to do as fast as you can.
  • Fast squats w jump squat on every 5th…feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.  Lower into a squat, sticking  your butt back, bending at the knees and slightly at the waist.  Keep your knees between your toes.  Raise back up squeezing your butt cheeks together.  Continue to do as fast as you can keeping good form.  On every fifth squat jump off the ground as high as you can and land softly on your balls of your feet right back into a squat
  • Ball Tricep pushup…on your feet bend down into a ball. Lean forward a bit and put your hands on the ground right under your shoulders.  Keeping your elbows glued to your side, lower down into a pushup keeping in a ball and raise back up.
  • Plank with Pelvic Tilt…Start in the plank position on your forearms and feet or on hands body off the floor and in a straight line.  Tilt your pelvic bone under and back .
  • Lunge touch the ground…Start in the lunge position with feet fairly wide apart and lunge down so your inside hand can touch the floor. Jump up and simultaneously switch sides and land into a lunge on the other side with other hand touching the floor.  Continue at a fast pace keeping good form.  Modification, don’t touch the ground and don’t jump as high off the ground.  Make sure you land softly on the balls of your feet.
  • Sumo squat with side kick: start with feet wide, toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle.  Lower down into a squat keeping your shoulders back and do NOT stick your butt out on this one.  Knees should be behind toes . When your raise up, lean to the left side and lift your right leg off the ground keeping your knee bent. Hold and extend your leg out for a side kick and return in a reverse motion. Repeat for total of 16 on each side.
  • Single leg dead lift with row: stand straight up, shoulders back, weights at your side and knees slightly bent.  Slowly bend at the waist keeping your shoulders back and looking up slightly.  At the same time, the right leg should extend out straight behind you until your body is parallel to the ground and arms hanging staight down.  Hold and bring weights up toward your stomach by bending your elbows straight up toward the ceiling. Hold and lower your arms back down and stand back up keeping your back straight. Do not round out your back. Repeat on same leg.  Modification: do the deadlift with both feet on the ground.
  • Side plank with pushup…Hold the side plank for 2 counts, rotate down into the regular plank/pushup position, perform a pushup and rotate to the other side for a side plank. Hold for 2 counts and repeat.  Modification: pushups on knees.
  • Squat Jack….sort of like jumping jacks but when you jump your feet out you do a wide modified sumo squat and arms  come down to  your side simultaneously. When you jump your feet together you stand up and and your arms come straight up over your head.
  • Shoulder press (for pyramid)…from your knees ou will be sitting straight up with butt off your heels. Either with light weights in your hands or none at all, raise your arms up like a goal post and press them straight up toward the sky and lower back down.

*Remember to always listen to your body.  Take a break when you need to…go at your own pace.   Always consult your physician and/or healthcare professional before beginning any exercise and/or diet program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with exercises or diet, stop and consult your physician and/or healthcare professional immediately.

Boot Camp Fitness and Training

21 08 2010

Real Fit Training Boot Camp is a comprehensive fitness program designed to get major results in the shortest and safest amount of time. By constantly varying workouts, combining conventional moves with unconventional moves and minimizing recovery periods, we eliminate plateaus and get the results you have always wanted. This won’t be your typical workout. Here you’ll find tires, agility boxes, slam balls, TRX, agility ladders, ropes and plenty of other equipment you typically don’t find in a gym.

Will it be tough? Absolutely!

Can you do it? Without a doubt!

Boot Camp sessions run for 4 weeks with a week off between each session. Generally there will be a FREE bonus workout during our off week in which you can bring family and friends. The first day is always a no obligation workout…try it out to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Fitness testing, BMI, body fat test, measurements and meal planning options are all included.

Classes run Tuesday and Thursday with 2 session options…9:30-10:15 with FREE “supervised playdate” (as long has there is room…this option fills up fast) and 10:30-11:15 (no playdate option)

If this time doesn’t work with your schedule please contact me. We may have a small group that you could join, or you can get some of your friends and have your own boot camp time.

Don’t forget, we always offer personal training if this time doesn’t work.

Led by Sommer Tucker, a certified personal trainer and fitness coach

Next Camp starts Nov. 9th

Only $50…only 6 slots available in each session so  reserve your spot!





“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
-John Bingham, running speaker and writer

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