What’s Up with the Shakeology Cleanse?

29 11 2010

I’m not usually a big fan of detox diets or cleanses.  Why?  First of all, drinking lemon juice or apple cider for a week straight sounds torturous.  But, most of all, I don’t believe in quick fixes.  Health is a lifestyle to me.

However, people had been seeing amazing results with the Shakeology cleanse when I decided to do a little research.  I have been drinking Shakeology every day for a year and loving it, but, you know me, I’m not one to jump off a bridge just because everyone else is doing it.

Turns out, the Shakeology detox is more of a performance-oriented program.  While it is calorie restrictive, it is also nutrient dense so that you will have the proper fuel for your workouts.  The average American would have to eat twice the calories to get the same nutrients you will on the Shakeology cleanse. That is awesome!  I like that.

The true goal of this 3 day cleanse is to rid our bodies of toxins and junk that we all have floating around in our systems and regulate hydration levels so your body can function more efficiently.  The weight loss that people are experiencing is definitely an added bonus…I lost 7lbs my first time through and never gained an ounce back:)

Remember, this isn’t a quick fix…I don’t believe in those.  But, we all do get off track sometimes. And, some just need that little jump-start to get started in the right direction. I get that. It’s amazing how the more junk you eat the more you crave it. So, I do believe in this a safe way to reset your mind, reset your body and refocus on living and eating healthy.

So, here’s the plan…for only 3 days

Start your day with a cup of green tea. If coffee is the deal breaker than drink it.  However, leave out all cream and sugar

  • Breakfast: Shakeology with water and ice. (adding a 1/2 cup of fruit is optional).
  • Snack: 1 piece of fruit.
  • Lunch: Shakeology- water and ice only followed by a cup of green tea
  • Snack: Shakeology with water and ice only.  Sometimes I like to save this snack for after dinner
  • Dinner: 4 oz of grilled white fish or poultry with a dinner salad loaded with veggies.  Use 2 oz of dressing but stick with the olive oil or balsamic vinegar dressing

Experiences of the Shakeology Cleanse Test group

Positive Results

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced belly bloat
  • Renewed energy
  • Break through plateau, boost metabolism

Possible Negative Results

  • Headaches or light-headedness (add a small piece of fruit if you experience this)
  • Lack of energy (my energy usually lacks the first day and sky rockets the day 2 and 3)
  • Hunger
  • No weight loss…concentrate on inches

Shakeology Cleanse FAQ’s

How many calories will I be getting a day?

  • 800-1200 calories per day

How often can I do the Shakeology Cleanse?

Ideally you shouldn’t do the cleanse more than once every 3 months or so. Remember, it’s not a quick fix to an unhealthy lifestyle.  It is to help you regroup and get you back on track or help you break through a plateau

Can I still do my workouts during the Shakeology Cleanse?

  • Light to moderate exercise should be okay.  Listen to your body
  • I try to do mine during a recovery week or before I start another round or a new program

Can I do a 1-day or 2-day cleanse instead of 3-days?

  • Yes. some people will see results in 1 or 2 days
  • Never do the Shakeology cleanse for more than 3 days at a time

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