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9 07 2010

Sommer Tucker, PT


Chad Tucker


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I realize that weight loss can be complicated. It can be overwhelming and frustrating.  However, research suggests that even just a 15-20 minute chat with a fitnees coach each month makes you over 50 percent more likely to lose the weight and keep it off! So, let us coach you…that’s what we’re here for, and it’s FREE!    Click hereRemember, not only do we automatically become your coach when you make a purchase from our site, we also earn a commission from Beachbody as a way to compensate for our time spent coaching…how awesome is that! So, let us help you pick the perfect program for your goals and don’t forget to get it through us!


 At the very least, leave a comment and keep us posted on your progress! Good luck on your fitness journey!

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