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23 06 2010

Chad and Sommer

Hi, my name is Sommer and for the most part, I’m just like any other mom. All I want is the energy to chase my kids around and look and feel good doing it!

I have always been pretty active, athletic and in-shape. I studied Criminology in college (I did study Exercise Science for two years until I switched to Criminology) with the intent to serve my hometown as a police officer. When my husband, and high school sweetheart, earned his commission in The Marine Corps as a pilot I was forced to choose a different career path.

Naturally, I fell back on my first true love…fitness. I have had a healthy obsession with fitness for as long as I can remember so it only made sense to follow my passion. While I was pregnant with my son, and with nothing else to do since the military dropped us in the middle of nowhere, I earned my ACE Personal Training Certification.

That was the easy part. The hard part came after I gave birth. I have never had that much weight to lose…yes; I gained an astounding 43 pounds…ughhhh. So it was a whole new, frustrating at times, experience for me.

I went back to the basics and slowly but surely, the pounds melted off. I began to wonder how many moms out there were as frustrated and overwhelmed as I was with dropping the unwanted baby weight. Then it hit me…I probably couldn’t have done it without my fitness background. As a result, Real Moms Real Fit was born in an effort to help make a mom’s weight loss journey a little less overwhelming.

But the story doesn’t stop there.  In the midst of running my Real Moms Real Fit website, teaching group fitness classes, training clients, and having my second child,  I was approached by someone through my website to become an online fitness coach for Beachbody® (the makers of P90x®, an in home fitness program…you may have heard of it). Anyway, I knew of the company, but didn’t know they had coaches.  I had done a lot of the company’s at home fitness programs, and my personal training philosophy was actually shaped by them.  This company had everything on their website that I always wanted my Real Moms Real Fit website to be, and a large selection of at home fitness programs…I just don’t have a cool mil to invest in it. So it was perfect!

So, since I didn’t already have enough on my plate, I decided to become a Beachbody® coach as a way to supplement my personal training business.  My very first client was my husband, Chad…lucky him!  As my belly grew and grew during my pregnancy, I tortured Chad with P90X® in an effort to get his to shrink.  And, what do you know, it worked.  He got incredible results.  To my surprise, he actually wanted to team up with me on this Beachbody® business endeavor.  It has actually been a goal of ours to one day work together so we never have to miss a birthday, a soccer game, a holiday or up root our family every couple years…something we are all too familiar with as a military family.  However, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be in fitness (for those of you who know Chad, you know what I’m talking about…).

So, just like that, Real Fit Training was born.  While moms still hold a special place in my heart, we have branched out in an effort to help those young and old, male and female, with kids or without kids get in shape, feel good and look awesome.  We are so incredibly excited about this.  Not only is this truly a passion of ours but, the leadership and the vision of this company is amazing! I whole-heartedly believe there really is something to this thing. Changing lives and making money doing what I love…a dream come true:) And hey, if I can get Chad to fall in love with fitness, I can get anyone to. 

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