Week 4 Recovery..Done. Back to work!

26 02 2011

                                 Sommer, week 4…AMAZING!

Hey everyone!  This is Chad.  Sommer is out-of-town for a business event and some much-needed rest and relaxation.  She certainly deserves it.  I enjoyed my recovery week and I hope everyone else did too.   I do feel re-energized and I am actually looking forward to some hard work-outs…Plus, we are 30 days  into this challenge.  Can you believe that?!?  I am, for one, very grateful for that and I imagine you all know why…


Diet, as always, was a struggle.  I did manage to steer clear of most ‘bad’ things, although a large shipment of cookies, Doritos and candy threatened to derail this.   I had to fight the urge to crush an entire bag of Oreos, which like Sommer has been so kind to point out, I have been known to do. 

One thing I do want to talk about and one thing I struggle with everyday, is stress.  Stress can have a profound impact on our mind, body and soul.  Stress can elevate your blood pressure, affect your sleep and interaction with others, as well as push you towards some unhealthy eating habits.  Some of these eating habits you might not make otherwise.  Another nasty and very significant thing stress can do, is increase your Cortisol levels.  Cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’  and secreted by the body in times of stress.  In small, normal amounts, it is good and provides an increase in immunity and mental function; things needed in a time of stress.  It’s basically one of your ‘fight or flight’ hormones.  However, in our culture of extended stressors, continuous releases of Cortisol, and a failure to return to a non-stress state,  it can have some very negative effects.  You are likely to see higher blood pressure, blood-sugar imbalance, and lastly, abdominal fat gain…that’s right, it ‘helps’ your body maintain that abdominal fat that leads to so many life threatening illnesses.  Good times, right?

To be successful on our fitness journey, we need to find a way to cope with and alleviate stress…easier said than done, I know.


My challenge to all of you and especially my wife :), is to figure out a way to adjust our stress levels.  I am as guilty as the next person at having too much stress in my life.  So,  I have tried to commit to a few small things everyday to try to reduce my stress levels.  Along with exercising, I am going to read a book that Sommer has sent me a few minutes each evening before I go to bed.  It helps me feel closer to my family and realize what really is important in life.  Maybe for you it is taking a walk, taking a bath or watching a TV show with your wife or husband.  Maybe its playing tag with your kids in the backyard…Whatever it might be, make sure you do it, and realize that being mentally healthy and ready to take on the challenges of the next day is a very important step in achieving your fitness goals.   This is a big challenge and one that won’t be achieved overnight…like anything else, achieving peace has to be worked at (Probably just made you stress out, right? )  🙂


I did fairly well with what I ate this week, so I am proud of that.  I did all my recovery week workouts which was very nice to have.  I feel like I gave my body the rest it needed and feel ready to start Week 5.  I actually added some pull-ups on to the end of my light workout today and was able to do 27 in a row, which is the most I have been able to do in a long time.  So, I think I have improved my overall strength these last few weeks.  My core feels a bit stronger too and Ab Ripper X doesn’t completely destroy me like it used too. 

Sommer: Down 2lbs. Back to 123lbs.

 Body Fat:  Back to 16% which she is very happy about 🙂

6 workouts and 7 Shakeology drinks = 43 miles

Chad: 6 workouts and 7 Shakeology drinks = 43 miles


As always, please leave your struggles and what you are doing to make your fitness journey even more successful.  This week’s subject is stress reduction.  Maybe your idea will spark something in someone else and bring them success.  We have done an awesome job encouraging each other…lets keep that going!  Good luck on Week 5!  We are committed now, no turning back!



20 responses

26 02 2011

Wow, babe…great post! Yes, stress is a huge barrier for me and actually has been know to destroy my digestives system. Crazy how it affects us. It is definitely something I need to control but being a single mom doesn’t make it easy. I do need to slow down and relax more so my goal is to watch 2 television shows at night next week. I usually watch 0. Can’t tell u the last time I threw my feet up for an entire evening.

I did very well with my eating this week so I am proud of myself. Oh, and I’m back down to 122 not 123…but who’s counting;)

Hope everyone had a great recovery week. Time to hit it hard again. I can’t wait to my transformation after these next 4 weeks. Keep up the hard work and remember, abs are made in the kitchen!

26 02 2011
Heather Larson

So it was nice to have a “rest” week! I wasn’t as worried about workouts while doing the shakeology cleanse and I really didn’t have the energy if I wanted to . It was crazy to see how much food really does effect all aspects of how we get through each day! I lost just shy of 5 lbs so it’s nice to be a bit closer to my goal weight. Chris and I (he lost 8lbs on the cleanse) are also back on the workout train and I’m also excited to see what the next 4 weeks hold with Sommer’s boot camp and P90X! I can see all my pre-baby shorts from 2 summers ago fitting this summer and it’s a great feeling….
So this week I had 9 shakes, 2 days of P90x core, YogaX, Stretch, and a 3 mile run.

As far as stress, I think the most stressful thing these days is our upcoming move to CA and preparations for that. I’ve attempted to be ahead of the game to take some of the pressure off!

Have a great week!

1 03 2011

Thats awesome how much weight you and your husband lost on the cleanse! This was the perfect light workout week to do it. Glad you had so much success. Talk to you soon.


28 02 2011
Jessica Bauchman

Ohhhhhhhh, stress! My biggest challenge in every aspect of life right now. Thanks for the reminder to try and keep it in check. When I get stressed/overwhelmed I try to step back and remind myself that no matter how tough it is at home I would never want to be where Geoff is getting emails about his kids milestones and missing their smiles and laughs for 7 months.

I had a really random workout week. I missed the gym so much while I was in CA for a few months that I have been going a little gym crazy with yoga, Zumba, two different strength training classes and a sweat sesh with my favorite trainer. I neglecting my running all week except a short 3.25 on Tuesday so I ran 11 today. With my shakes my mileage for the weeks was 41.25 🙂 yay!

28 02 2011

Had a more of a rest week than an active recovery week, but really enjoyed some time just hanging with my kids instead of trying to fit everything in. School vacation was tough with snow!! But it was nice to have nowhere to go and no schedule to follow and not care that i wasnt getting a workout in. did lots of boardgames, lots of coloring and cuddles and lots of awake nights with Leia!

Anyway Madison’s miles = 10 miles, from yoga and swimming
my miles from kickboxing and resistance bands and dynamic warmups with stretches equaled out to 30 miles

Looking forward to starting this week up, can’t really say renewed because of lack of sleep but itching to get my workouts in! they so help me feel energized and accomplished!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

28 02 2011
Mary Elizabeth Ward

Ok, I can’t imagine how much easier things would be these days without stress! Running and working out is definitely a stress release for me, but sometimes it can cause me even more stress when I don’t have time to exercise! Hate that! I ran 15 miles and did 2 hours of my cardio/strength training workout.

Total miles this week- 27

1 03 2011

Hey Mary Elizabeth, less than 2 months now..we are getting there. How is the studying for the ACE personal training going?


28 02 2011

I absolutely HATE the candy dish at work and my lack of self-control. It was my enemy, yet again this week. So, I was very frustrated, and I get so upset with myself because I know that is one of the major factors from keeping me from getting better results. Other than that, the diet was fine, although I ran out of Shakeology. However, I immediately ordered some more, and I’m looking forward to getting my shipment! I have also decided to start Insanity tomorrow. I was going to wait until April, but I want faster results. Jillian Michaels is just not cutting it for me as much as I would like. Plus, I think Shaun T is much better to look at 🙂 I’ve missed having him kick my arse every day!
Here are my miles:
Workouts: 3 x 30= 9 miles
Shakes: 3= 3 miles
Weight: 1/2 pound= 5 miles, I think (2 pounds total so far!)
TOTAL FOR WEEK 4: 17 miles

1 03 2011

Val, Dont feel bad about the candy…I wrote this blog on stress and ‘having to deal with it effectively..” and the other evening I get off work, stressed of course, and ate 2 peanut butter cups, like 12 Andes mint chocolate pieces and a handful of starbursts…boom! Gone in a matter of seconds..so much for coping with stress…It happens. Insanity will get you there, you know that. Have you seen that they are coming out with a new one..its called Insanity Asylum..its supposed to be even more intense. Not sure how, but I am interested 🙂

28 02 2011
Annabell Shenkman

Exercise is my best weapon for battling stress. There is nothing that can clear my mind better than a great sweat session at the gym. Of course a main stressor for me is getting my workouts in so I make sure to prioritize my time for fitness and to not get too down on myself if I have to skip a workout or if I only have time for a short one.
Workouts : 9 miles
Runs: 7 miles
Shakes: 7 miles
TOTAL: 23 miles

28 02 2011
Annabell Shenkman

oops I forgot, AND I’m down 1 pound so TOTAL is 24 miles

1 03 2011

I think a pound is worth 10 pts…so I think you are at 33 for this week. Great job, Anna…

28 02 2011
Kristine Smith

Stress…..packing up the whole house for a move while the husband is away and not having a kitchen to prepare the meals I usually eat is super stressful for me. Tried to get some workouts in just to leave the messy house though didn’t happen as much as I would have liked.

Yoga: 7 miles
Total: 14 miles

1 03 2011

Where are you guys moving to? I think Sommer would kill me once I got home if she had to pack the house up by herself…I think packing the house is a workout by itself…I think 10 more miles are in order 🙂 Hope you guys are well..talk to ya.

28 02 2011
Tim Castor

Sorry I’m a bit late checking in for this week.

Week totals:
Workouts: 35 Miles
Shakes: 4 miles
Total: 39 Miles

1 03 2011
Regina Thomas

I too used this week as more of a relaxing week then recovery week. I didn’t too as many workouts, but enjoyed to streching Turbofire videos. I wasn’t paying as much attention to diet as I normally do either, but somehow I still was down another pound.
The weather this past weekend was beautiful so I was able to be active outside. My latest downfall is going out to eat. I have a difficult time finding something on a menu that is both nutritious and that I like ( I am not a veggie person). So my miles to add them up:
Pounds lost: 10 miles
Shakes: 6 miles
Turbofire: 10 miles
total: 26 miles

I am off on a better track this week with the eating. And I bought myself a new car this weekend as an early birthday present to myself, so I have already got in quite a bit of exercise with cleaning it! Suprisingly that has helped with my arm already! I am hoping that I will be able to do a pushup by the end of this challenge!! Good luck to everyone and Keep up the great work!!

1 03 2011

A new car?!? Thats a nice birthday gift. Congrats and great job!

1 03 2011

Great Job everyone! Sounds like most everyone got had a good rest and recovery week. Our total miles for this week was just shy of 400 miles… a little less than the previous 3 weeks, but to be expected with the Recovery week in affect. Sommer is back in town and the pain shall commence with her Boot Camp classes and Fit Clubs, so I expect the miles for this week to be big. We are at 2000 miles for the month, so we are getting there. Keep working hard and stay dedicated! We are almost over the hump 🙂

In this Together,


1 03 2011

Well, I turned another year older this week. So I had too much cake and went out to eat, and drank a little too much. To top it all off I have been suffering from severe muscle spasms resulting in back and shoulder pain. I hit the chiro 2 times last week, and I have an appt this morning. Hoping to get back to feeling normal and a great friend and trainer sent me a whole body workout to try so I can add a weights component to my training. I did manage to get my 3 days in for the week between all that:)

Walk/run miles = 13
Shakes =3

I hope this is my “recovery” week:) Happy March everyone!!!

2 03 2011

Another 6 miles for me this week!

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