Week 4 Recovery..Done. Back to work!

26 02 2011

                                 Sommer, week 4…AMAZING!

Hey everyone!  This is Chad.  Sommer is out-of-town for a business event and some much-needed rest and relaxation.  She certainly deserves it.  I enjoyed my recovery week and I hope everyone else did too.   I do feel re-energized and I am actually looking forward to some hard work-outs…Plus, we are 30 days  into this challenge.  Can you believe that?!?  I am, for one, very grateful for that and I imagine you all know why…


Diet, as always, was a struggle.  I did manage to steer clear of most ‘bad’ things, although a large shipment of cookies, Doritos and candy threatened to derail this.   I had to fight the urge to crush an entire bag of Oreos, which like Sommer has been so kind to point out, I have been known to do. 

One thing I do want to talk about and one thing I struggle with everyday, is stress.  Stress can have a profound impact on our mind, body and soul.  Stress can elevate your blood pressure, affect your sleep and interaction with others, as well as push you towards some unhealthy eating habits.  Some of these eating habits you might not make otherwise.  Another nasty and very significant thing stress can do, is increase your Cortisol levels.  Cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’  and secreted by the body in times of stress.  In small, normal amounts, it is good and provides an increase in immunity and mental function; things needed in a time of stress.  It’s basically one of your ‘fight or flight’ hormones.  However, in our culture of extended stressors, continuous releases of Cortisol, and a failure to return to a non-stress state,  it can have some very negative effects.  You are likely to see higher blood pressure, blood-sugar imbalance, and lastly, abdominal fat gain…that’s right, it ‘helps’ your body maintain that abdominal fat that leads to so many life threatening illnesses.  Good times, right?

To be successful on our fitness journey, we need to find a way to cope with and alleviate stress…easier said than done, I know.


My challenge to all of you and especially my wife :), is to figure out a way to adjust our stress levels.  I am as guilty as the next person at having too much stress in my life.  So,  I have tried to commit to a few small things everyday to try to reduce my stress levels.  Along with exercising, I am going to read a book that Sommer has sent me a few minutes each evening before I go to bed.  It helps me feel closer to my family and realize what really is important in life.  Maybe for you it is taking a walk, taking a bath or watching a TV show with your wife or husband.  Maybe its playing tag with your kids in the backyard…Whatever it might be, make sure you do it, and realize that being mentally healthy and ready to take on the challenges of the next day is a very important step in achieving your fitness goals.   This is a big challenge and one that won’t be achieved overnight…like anything else, achieving peace has to be worked at (Probably just made you stress out, right? )  🙂


I did fairly well with what I ate this week, so I am proud of that.  I did all my recovery week workouts which was very nice to have.  I feel like I gave my body the rest it needed and feel ready to start Week 5.  I actually added some pull-ups on to the end of my light workout today and was able to do 27 in a row, which is the most I have been able to do in a long time.  So, I think I have improved my overall strength these last few weeks.  My core feels a bit stronger too and Ab Ripper X doesn’t completely destroy me like it used too. 

Sommer: Down 2lbs. Back to 123lbs.

 Body Fat:  Back to 16% which she is very happy about 🙂

6 workouts and 7 Shakeology drinks = 43 miles

Chad: 6 workouts and 7 Shakeology drinks = 43 miles


As always, please leave your struggles and what you are doing to make your fitness journey even more successful.  This week’s subject is stress reduction.  Maybe your idea will spark something in someone else and bring them success.  We have done an awesome job encouraging each other…lets keep that going!  Good luck on Week 5!  We are committed now, no turning back!

Is this really what we are feeding our kids?!?!

23 02 2011

Okay, so I don’t usually get on a soap box like this but I was blown away today. I am headed out to Washington to host a fitness event tomorrow.  My parents are coming to take care of the kids for me (thank you, thank you, thank you) and they asked me grab some “easy” meals and snacks for the kids at the grocery store.    This is usually not my style but since they are being so generous as to come help me I didn’t mind at all.

First of all, I get all the way checked out when the cost blew my mind.  I thought prepackaged food that is is practically nutritionally void is suppose to be cheaper.  I bought enough for just 5 days and it cost me almost as much as when I buy all the nutrient goodness I usually buy for a week…for all of us.

Then I get home and start looking at what I actually bought.  My mom asked me to get  stuff like Kid Cuisines and Graduates for Toddlers.  First of all, I can’t pronounce half the ingredients…that can’t be good.  And the sodium in one of Riley’s Graduates is 470mg…HOLY CRAP!!! Here kidneys are going to have work overtime to process that. Griffin’s little Kid’s Cuisine has over 500mg…that is NUTS!! He should be around 1200 A DAY…and his getting over 1/3 of that in one sitting.  I about had a heart attack right then and there!

Then I started to realize…parents are feeding this to their kids every single day.  I almost had another heart attack.  What ever happen to preparing things in advance…the good ol’ fashion healthy way where you can pronounce all the ingredients.  Why not bake up a whole batch of of chicken on Sunday, cut them in cubes and have them ready for the kids the whole week.  Or buying a bag of steamable carrots, cooking them and putting them in a container ready for the next 3 days.  Why not more fresh fruit and less Gerber cheese puffs…is there even any nutrition in those.  When did we start to think Gold Fish are a good healthy snack.  Or Mac n Cheese…what the heck is even in that….is that even real cheese?!?!  And I just checked…640mg in the individual packed Velveeta Cheese Shells I got Griffin while my parents are in town.

I will get off my soap box but seriously, it is no wonder that over 2/5 of all kids are overweight or obese.  I mean, did you know that for the first time in history our kids won’t live as long as we do.  That breaks my heart…shame on us!  I hate to have to say it, but it all starts with us.  We as parents control what go into their mouth and we are setting them up of a life filled with struggle when it comes to health, body image and self confidence. But you know what, since 2/3 of all adults are either overweight or obese I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.   I’m definitely not saying that I am perfect…that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I have Gold Fish in my cupboard too.  But I do try to help my kids to eat healthy 90% of the time…they depend on me for that. I don’t know.  What do you think it’s going to take?  Are we all just too overwhelmed and busy? Have we all just forgot what a healthy plate truly looks like? I don’t know but I hope we figure it out soon…for our kids sake:)

P90X Workouts: Week 3 in the Books!

20 02 2011

I really can’t believe I am already done with week 3 and starting my active recovery week.  I really can’t tell you how excited I am for this “break”…my body definitely needs it!

My Struggles

Diet was a struggle this week…for both Chad and I.  Things just seemed to be a little more stressful this week with the planning of my trip out to Washington to host a fitness event.  I feel like I had a huge urge to stress eat.  I was craving sweets and I rarely do that.  It really was incredibly frustrating and I gave in way too many times…ugh! On top of that, I am just struggling to eat enough.  I have a lot of allergies and the kids keep me so busy that I just “give up” on eating sometimes…or more specifically, I don’t eat enough at each meal. I talked to Chad about it and he was having the same issue with cravings. We just seemed to have lost our focus when it came to nutrition.

My body also felt a little extra worn down this week.  I knew I wasn’t getting enough sleep and I was going to bed too late.  So, the I only got up 2 times at my normal 5:45am workout roll out.  That was disappointing to me since I really prefer to get it out of the way so it doesn’t weigh on my mind the whole day.  Still, I recognize that sleep is just as important when it comes to muscle repair and the release of the fat burning hormone so I made sure to allow myself  at least 7 hours of sleep.  I still got my workouts in but it drove me crazy until it was done.


So, we committed to each other to refocus on the nutrition guide.  We have the workouts down and we haven’t missed any so it is time to really focus on the other piece of the puzzle.   He convinced me to cook up a whole bunch of chicken ahead of time and stock up on my Lara Bars…so I am never without a snack.  I also went back to making a weekly dinner schedule so that I know exactly what I am eating every night so I can’t skimp on dinner…it is already planned. When it comes to sleep, I promised Chad that lights would be out by 10:30 every single night, period!!  I made that promise to him so I will stick to it:)


Hmmm…we were both feeling pretty down about this week so it was hard for me to focus on a positive.  However, I forgot that I was able to go up in all my weights.  I was able to do all my biceps with 15lbs and did some sets on my back with 25lbs.  I also have noticed a huge increase in my pull-ups.  Even more, Ab Ripper is night and day for me since day 1…my core has improved the most:)

weight: up 2lbs 125 but I know I am retaining some water since it is that time.

body fat %: went up to 17 but again, the time of the month throws of accuracy…still, i will take 17% any day.

Miles this week: 36 (workouts) + 6 (Shakeology drinks) = 42 miles


Please take a second to share you struggles and successes for the week and don’t forget to report your miles:)  Many of you are not following the P90X program and that is fine.  However, I want you to consider taking an active rest week periodically as your muscles really do need that time to fully recover and build…which in turn speeds up your metabolism and burns more calories for you at rest.  Many people never take that rest and it is a huge mistake.  Even when I have people take before and after pictures for Beachbody I stress how important it is to take the after picture after 1 week of program completion.  The body will transform that much more…all because those muscles had a chance to rebuild and fire up that metabolism.  I always take an active rest week every 3rd or 4th week.  How many of you commit to a rest week?

Oak Harbor, Washington Fitness Event

18 02 2011

Join me and my team of coaches for a FREE workout session in the Oak Harbor area at Living Word.  Everyone is welcome to attend and of course, there is NO charge!  Anyone can join regardless of fitness level:)

Short Team Courage presentation followed by a kick butt workout featuring my boot camp style and routines from P90X, TurboFire and INSANITY.  We will wrap up the event with an exercise-nutrition question & answer session while samples of our favorite supplements are served.



Date: Saturday,Feb. 26th 2011

Time: 10AM-12PM (registration starts at 9:30)

Where: Living word

490 NW Crosby Ave

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and please RSVP if you plan to attend by filling out the information below

*Be sure to bring a water bottle and a towel with you and wear athletic clothing

P90X Workouts Week 2…Chad’s Journey

13 02 2011

Right before we had Riley

Right around this past Christmas (he is going to kill me for posting this;))

He won’t brag but I will.  I think he looks AWESOME!! That right there is what doing the little things each and every day can do for you.  He was doing the WOW workouts that I had been posting and mixing them with the P90X workouts.  He definitely cleaned up his diet but still was treating himself as the wonderful care packages filled with candy just kept rolling in (thank you everyone).  He too is very happy and content with himself but like me, wants to see what that 30 year old body can do!  I can’t wait to see his end results after 90 days of P90X but, I am already so very proud of him:)


The Chow Hall is filled with all kinds of junk… taco bar, corn dogs, pizza, french fries and every dessert you could imagine.  So, it is hard for him to have that kind of temptation around all the time. Good to know they are keeping our military feed with high quality food for maximum energy and health…hear the sarcasm?!?!  Kind of sounds like what they serve in our school systems…oh, don’t even get me started on that! Anyway, he also spends long stretches of time in the jet so he has to plan his snacks in advance and be prepared.  To top it off, this workout requires 2400 calories so he has a hard time eating enough to fuel the workouts properly


He says that this challenge and being a coach with actual clients that depend on him for motivation keeps him accountable. He eats a lot of chicken breast and veggies.  On wednesday nights he does treat himself to seafood night on base.  I sent him a bunch of recovery formula, Lara Bars and P90X bars to help him reach his caloric intake with quality food.  He looks forward to the recovery formula after every workout and the P90X bars taste like candy bars so he never feels deprived.


I can assure you that he hasn’t always been this disciplined.  He has made small sustainable changes over the last year or so that have truly become a lifestyle.  I used to have to beg him to workout believe it or not!  Now he gets off Skype with me so he can fit his workout in before he goes to bed…WHAT!?!?! He used to eat a lot of junk food…I couldn’t buy Oreos as a treat because he would eat them nonstop until they were gone.  Now he takes most of the cookies from his care packages over to the Ready Room at the squadron to share with all the guys.  He used to make special trips up to Dairy Queen and Wendy’s when we were having cravings and now he wouldn’t dream of doing that.  It doesn’t even cross our mind.

Chad’s Miles this week: 36 (workouts + 7 (shakeology) = 43 miles

My Weekly weigh in: 123 (up a lb…but down in body fat so don’t mind one bit:))

Body fat %: 16.8% (I have NEVER been 16%…down almost 2% in 2 weeks!)

My Miles this week: 42 (workouts)+ 1 (short runs) + 7 (Shakeology drinks) = 50 miles


So, along with reporting your miles this week and any successes or barriers you want to share, I want you to tell us what one or two small things your can commit to each day that will make a huge difference over time (or what small change have you already committed to).  Chad has made small changes over the last year that have made a huge difference in his health.  So, what can or did you change?  Do you drink 2 cans a pop a day and you can cut it down to 1?  Do you eat fast food during the week for lunch and you can start packing your lunch 3 out of the 5 days? Do you drink a Caramel Burlee Coffee (560 cal…holy carp!) form Starbucks everyday before work? Are you notorious for eating pasta at night and can cut down to only 3 nights a week?  What small change can you make that you can live with…and soon it will be second nature:)

P90X Results Week 1

5 02 2011


WOW…week 1 is already out of the way and let me tell you what, I am definitely ready for my “off” day tomorrow.  This almost 30 year old body is SORE!!!!  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy every second of my workouts this week.  I am definitely used to a much faster pace workout with my boot camp style that I torture myself with.  Having said that, my body was definitely ready for a change.  Even though I switch it up constantly, I just wasn’t experiencing that awesome “eww I hurt but I love it so” feeling.  So even though I wasn’t used to all the standing around, a day didn’t go by this week that I didn’t feel that awesome  “I can’t bend over to pick up Riley” or “my butt is on FIRE as I walk up these stairs” kind of soreness.


I also tightened up my diet a bit. I am usually a really healthy eater but I decided to follow the P90X nutrition program very closely starting with the “Fat Shredder” phase.  It was tough because I could only have one serving of fruit and one serving of carbs the whole day.  That’s tough when your workouts are that hard but you are only suppose to stay in that phase until you body is telling you it is time to move on (the more wt you have to lose the longer you can stay here…up to about 3 wks) and my body is saying “MOVE IT OR LOSE IT, GIRL”!  I believe I get to add another fruit and a carb. I did commit to removing alcohol as I usually enjoy a glass or two with the girls on Thursday nights but I really can’t say I missed so no big deal there.


I am not one to deprive myself because I just don’t believe in that.  But, when I say I am going to do something I do it too.  So, I committed to the the nutrition program and that’s that.  However, a very nice mother-in-law sent us a box of Cheryl cookies for Valentine’s day and you would have thought she sent us a million dollars we were so excited.  Riley was bouncing on her knees as I  opened the box and I probably was too.  I was so excited and….I ATE ONE…or TWO!  UGH!  After that I felt like I just kept craving them.  I didn’t eat anymore but it felt like torture knowing they were in the cupboard. I have been shoving them down my kids mouths just to get them out of my house and keep the calories out of my belly.  I know, right…mother of the year award;)

And, while I am spilling the beans, a very good friend of mine invited me out to Outback and I had some of the Bloomin’ Onion. Not very much but still not on Tony’s plan, right?!?! The rest of my meal was grilled shrimp, broccoli and a half of a sweet potato (which I saved my carb for), water and no bread!

To top it off, I was very disappointed with my performance during Ab RipperX and YogaX.  I didn’t realize my core needed so much attention.  Also, my flexibility and ability to clear my mind is lacking greatly.


I do much better when it just isn’t in the house.  I don’t crave things and I definitely won’t make a special trip out to get ice cream even if I am craving it.  So if you have this same problem, my suggestion is to CLEAN OUT YOUR CUPBOARDS!! If it isn’t there you can’ eat it, right?!?  And don’t tell me you have to have it for your kids because they don’t need that crap either…I’m sorry, it had to be said;)

As for my Abs and yoga…even though I am guilty of skipping them in the past I am not going to miss a one:)  Time to focus on all aspects of my health.


I was definitely shocked and happy with my stats and my before picture.  I am content where I am at right now but I am curious to see what this body can do. I have even moved on to the blue pull up band (provides the least amount of assistance) so that was a victory for me this week.

Starting weight:122 (weighed in at 118 at Chad’s parents so don’t know if I gained wt or the scales are just different)

Starting body fat %: 18% (I was pumped about this because that was a goal I set before Chad left…now I’m going for 16%)

Starting pant size: 4

Miles this week: 36 (workouts)+ 3 (short runs) + 8 (Shakeology drinks) = 47 miles


First of all, thank you to you all that have committed to this journey with Chad and I…it means the world to us. Now it’s your turn.  We all have our struggles so share it.  Get it off your chest and you just never know who it might help…including YOU.  By confessing you are more likely to pay closer attention next time when faced with the same situation.  And share how you hope to fix it.  Again, it will help someone that is having the same struggle…and you know someone is in your same shoes right now. Most importantly, share your successes!  You should be proud of your accomplishments.  It’s not bragging.  We want you to succeed and we want to celebrate that with you.  Lastly share your miles so we can see how far we have travelled:)

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