Business Presentation

30 01 2011

We understand it takes a lot of courage to start your own business, become a Beachbody coach and step out of your comfort zone to help other people…that’s how we got our name “Team Courage”.  But we are passionate about health and fitness and we believe in Beachbody with all our hearts.  We have helped people reach both fitness and financial goals they never thought possible…all because they had a little courage.

So please, click the link below to watch four short (2 min) videos to see if it’s the right fit for you.  We look forward to working with you and helping you on your journey to becoming financial fit:)

View Business Presentation

Workout of the Week

30 01 2011

Predesigned total body workouts that I use for myself and in my boot camps.  Print them off and take them with you to the gym or when you have road trips.  Short on time? Do the workout one time through for a calorie blast that only takes 20 minutes.  Turbo charge it by doing each circuit twice for a kick butt 40-45 minute workout!






7171 Mile Fitness Challenge

26 01 2011

February is a very exciting month in the Tucker house. February means we are over half way and we only have 90 days until Chad comes home!!!!  So, to keep us connected, to give us something to work toward together, and to make sure we are both smokin’ hot when he returns, Chad and I decided to do a whole round of P90X together, which is 90 days long…PERFECT!!!  We are going to keep each other accountable.  Cheer each other on.  And support one another when we struggle.

Then we had a great idea.  We thought you all could help us celebrate this count down to VMAQ-3 homecoming by joining us in our fitness challenge.

So here’s our challenge…

  • There are about 7171 miles between Chad and us.  My goal is for us to beat them back here…in pounds lost.  Huh!?!?!
  • Every pound you lose counts for 10 miles.
  • So, if you lose 20lbs you have contributed 200 miles…make sense?  Conservatively, you can lose 1lb a week and lose 12lbs before they get home and contribute 120 miles.
  • Don’t have any weight to lose or if you reach your goal wt before the 90 days is up…each mile your run, walk, bike swim counts as a mile.  Spend 60 minutes strength training…counts as 6 miles.
  • Shakeology option….Now,  a lot people that just aren’t ready to commit to a fitness plan…I get that. I can’t get my mom to sweat for the life of me…not sure I’m really her child…kidding mom;) So, you can take your first steps to getting healthy by committing to drink Shakeology like my parents did…and most of my clients. Without going into it, it is the best supplement I have ever had…and I have had a lot.  Added bonus…it’s SAFE…new and different concept for the fitness world;)  EACH shake you drink is worth 1 MILE and you will lose weight drinking it so count those miles too:)  It’s not a miracle drink…I don’t believe in those but it will supply your body with all the nutrients it needs to bring you  metabolism out of “sluggish mode” which we all suffer from. Learn more about it…Shakeology Review.
  • Every Sunday morning will be the weigh in day (first weigh in is on a tuesday but weigh in every sunday following that).  Use the same scale every time.
  • Submit you weight to me each Saturday via email ( or Facebook (…this is confidential. AND the miles your ran/walked/biked…AND the number of Shakes you drink that week.  I will announce who is in the lead by miles but I won’t announce weight.
  • Support each other right on this page by leaving comments, asking questions and encouraging each other.  You will see Chad and I post frequently.
  • Competition starts: Feb 1 (first weight in) and ends May 1

How Do You Enter

  • Email me your plan…what program or form of exercise are you going to commit to?  How many times a week? Are you going to be drinking Shakeology?  What is your goal?  I need all the goods:)
  • You already know our plan…P90X 6 days a week and drinking Shakeology every single day. Both of us want to have a six pack by the time he gets home. 16% body fat for me and  15 pullups unassisted.
  • Then email me  your starting weight on Feb 1 and each week after that.  I will send out reminders, tips, and answer any questions you have along the way…that is why you need to email me.
  • MUST: make your commitment “public” and post “I’m in” in the comment section.  I will post my journey each week and send you the link in which you will post your miles…and your successes and your struggles (if you want).  Just a great way to keep us all accountable and motivated:)

How Do You Win?

  • The person that contributes the most miles wins a Team Courage shirt that I am having designed as we speak.
  • The person that loses the most in terms of percentage also wins a Team Courage Shirt
  • AND…one random person will also win a Team Courage shirt…Chad will draw a name from his flight helmet when he gets back;)

Don’t know where to start or need a little help?

That’s what I do for a living.  That’s what we are passionate about.  Just ask!  We became fitness coaches because we know the programs work.  I use them with my personal training clients because…THEY WORK! We have seen Shakeology change peoples lives when the fitness aspect was just too overwhelming to begin with. We have a meal planning system right at our fingertips.  Whatever the barrier is we can help.  Let us know how we can help.

  • You can always research the programs by yourself and then ask my opinion or just go for it:)
  • ( this is our FB fan page.  We have an online store and you can click on any program to get a full list of all the programs.  I have my favorites but there is something for every fitness level)

What we learned from this deployment

Well, we have learned a lot but, one thing that we have both learned is how much we have taken each other and the joys of our family for granted.  More than ever we refuse to let some disease that is completely under her control cut our time short with our family and friends. Join the quest to have more years with our family by joining this challenge with us.

Fitness Challenge Week 1

Fitness Challenge Week 2

The Skinny on Alcohol

21 01 2011

I had a couple glasses of wine with a good friend last night.  Since I had a glass of wine the night before with a different friend, and I’m going to dinner with friends tonight in which we usually get a few drinks I got to thinking about how easily a few “harmless” drinks can derail all your hard work…especially when we sting them in a row like that (so not usual Sommer Tucker behavior).

In all seriousness, alcohol is our “skinny jeans” biggest enemy. Alcohol is nothing but empty calories. It actually promotes and causes fat storage and prevents us from slipping into our REM cycle, which is when our body actually repairs and recovers from our workouts.  Over time, alcohol depletes serotonin, our happy hormone that is responsible for our overall feeling of wellbeing.

If that isn’t enough, alcohol makes us hungry by lowering our blood sugar levels. With our willpower nowhere to be found, we end up with the munchies and everything is fair game. Be honest, when else have you made an emergency midnight stop at Taco Bell and ordered one of everything from the value menu?

Side note, “skinny jeans” aren’t a size 0 or a size 4.  They are those jeans that make you feel like a million bucks.  That pair of jeans you put on that make you walk with a little more pep in your step…you know what I’m talking about.

Having said that, it’s not realistic to ask you to cut out alcohol completely. So, be smart! Stay away from the sugary drinks! Instead opt for clear alcohol and a calorie free mixer such as Diet Pepsi. And remember, on the rocks is always better than frozen! And, when it comes to wine, who are we kidding…how many of us only drink 4 ounces of wine? If your wine glasses are anything like mine, they hold about 8 ounces and we don’t hesitate to fill it to the tippy top over and over again.  When they talk about the heart healthy benefits of red wine they are talking about one or two 4 ounce glasses, NOT the whole bottle.

Bottom line…THE CALORIES REALLY ADD UP!!!!! Remember, it only takes 3500 extra calories to gain ONE pound of fat. Drink two margaritas and you’re halfway there. So, if you are serious about weight loss, be smart and be careful! Oh, and don’t forget all the bloating that alcohol causes. Much of this is due to the loss of electrolytes caused by the toxins and grain products in alcohol and the accumulation of sulfur-bearing gases that build up in the tummy…YUCK!

Our Enemy

Long Island Ice Tea 780cal

Margarita 740cal

Chocolate Martini 6oz 438cal

White Russian 425cal


WOW…it really adds up!!! In honor of our “skinny jeans”, we must choose our alcohol wisely!


Better Options

Flavored vodka and seltzer water 95 cal

Rum and diet (1 shot) 95 cal

Wine spritzer 96 cal

Budweizer select 55 cal

My Meal Plan

15 01 2011

So, people are always asking me,  “What do you eat during the day? What do you snack on?  What do you make for dinner?”  For those of you that know me know I’m a simple girl without much passion for the kitchen.

We’ve all seen those healthy recipes that have a million ingredients and you can’t pronounce half of them. Nope, not for me, not gonna do it! I have a million things to do and slaving over the stove isn’t one of them. I need easy!

So, I hate to disappoint you.  It’s nothing special but it is well thought out and planned. Here are a few examples of what a normal day looks like to me. Notice I really don’t eat after dinner…it affects how your body builds muscle and burns fat.  If I’m really hungry I shake ½ scoop Shakeology with milk or grab an apple.

  1. 7:30AM: 2 eggs, 2 pieces Turkey bacon, 1 slice gluten-free toast.  Frank’s Hot Sauce for a little kick, cup coffee w little sugar…no cream
  2. 10:30AM: P90X Recovery Formula…line this snack up to follow my lifting workout
  3. 1:00PM: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakeology and small salad (sometimes)
  4. 3:30PM Lara Bar (Choc chip brownie is my favorite), apple
  5. 6:00PM: Baked Chicken, roasted garlic red potatoes, steamed broccoli (with a splash of Frank’s Red Sauce on the chicken for some kick)


  1. 7:30AM: Steal Cut Oats (or Quakers Lower Sugar Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal if I’m in a hurry) with walnuts, pinch of brown sugar and dried cranberries, cup coffee w little sugar…no cream
  2. 10:30AM: cut up banana, drizzled with hot almond butter, sprinkled with crushed w walnuts (if I don’t have a lifting workout…otherwise it’s recovery formula)
  3. 1:00PM: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shakeology (I have this everyday) and small salad (sometimes)
  4. 3:30PM Hard-boiled egg and bowl of grapes
  5. 6:00PM: Shredded Chicken (that I boiled) mixed with mayo, onion and grapes over a bed of lettuce with vinaigrette dressing


  1. 7:30AM: Open face egg sandwich…1 egg, 1 slice of gluten-free toast, thin layer of mayo, 2 slices of tomato, 2 slices of low sodium ham lunch meat, sliced apples
  2. 10:30AM: sliced cucumbers, carrots and sliced red bell peppers and hummus…unless it’s a lifting day then it’s Recovery formula
  3. 1:00PM: Chocolate covered strawberry Shakeology (I have this everyday) and small salad (sometimes)
  4. 3:30PM plain Greek yogurt, drizzled with honey and fresh blueberries
  5. 6:00PM: Grilled hamburger (extra lean or bison meat), topped with onion, sliced tomatoes and avocadoes btwn 2 pieces of crisp lettuce, homemade sweet potato fries


When I show people this stuff they often tell me they couldn’t come up with it on their own.  My response…neither do I:) I have been a club member with Beachbody, which provides the meal planning portion, for over a year.  So, they have done it for me specific to my workout program and my stats.  They give you different options so you can adjust it to your taste. And now it is just second nature to me.  I also work off of a good guide called Michi’s Ladder that Beachbody also provides to their general members (that one is free).

WOW #5 (Workout of the Week) Cardio Blast

10 01 2011

Each exersice is 60 seconds. Try to move from exercise to exercise with no rest in between.  Complete the circuit twice with only 60 second break in between. Feeling motivated…complete the circuit  3 times.

Don’t forget to warm up for 3-5 minutes and cool down for 3-5 minutes.

  1. leap frog
  2. burpees
  3. wide mt climbers
  4. Globe Jumps
  5. standing mt climbers
  6. Fast squats with jump squat on every 5th
  7. Plank Jacks
  8. 180 jump squats
  9. Ski Abs
  10. Jack Squats

60 second break and REPEAT 1-10

*Remember to always listen to your body.  Take a break when you need to…go at your own pace.   Always consult your physician and/or healthcare professional before beginning any exercise and/or diet program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with exercises or diet, stop and consult your physician and/or healthcare professional immediately.

  • leap frog…in the sumo (plie) squat position start with feet wide, toes pointed out at a 45 degree angle.  Lower down into a squat keeping your shoulders back and do NOT stick your butt out on this one.  Knees should be behind toes.  Hold this position hop forward twice and then back twice. Repeat without raising out of the squat.
  • burpees…With feet shoulder width apart lower down into a deep squat, place hands on ground on the outside of your feet, jump (or step) back into a plank, hold for a beat, jump (or step back) into the squat, and jump up toward the ceiling.  Land on your toes softly to protect your knees and go right back into the squat, then plank, etc
  • wide mt climbers…plank position, bring right foot off ground driving knee out to side toward shoulder, switch and continue alternating as fast as you can
  • Globe Jumps…Start in the deep squat position with feet a little wider than shoulder width, knees bent, toes facing forward, knees behind toes, finger tips touching the ground.  Explode and jump up off the floor and over to the right.  Land softly on your toes and landing back into the deep squat.  Explode up and jump backwards landing softly and landing in the deep squat.  Explode up and jump to the left landing softly back into the deep squat. Explode up and jump forward and land softly in the deep squat.  Continue to make a square shape with your jump squats.
  • standing mt climbers…Left your right leg to hip height and put your left arm straight up in the air. Switch bringing your left leg up and your right arm up.  Continue to do as fast as you can.
  • plank jacks…Get in the plank positon (lay on stomach, lift body off ground so all your weight is on forearms and toes. Body in straight line.) Jump your legs out to the side (left goes out to left side and right goes out to right side)at the same time like you are doing a jumping jack but from the plank position.  Bring them back into the start position and repeat
  • Fast squats w jump squat on every 5th…feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.  Lower into a squat, sticking  your butt back, bending at the knees and slightly at the waist.  Keep your knees between your toes.  Raise back up squeezing your butt cheeks together.  Continue to do as fast as you can keeping good form.  On every fifth squat jump off the ground as high as you can and land softly on your balls of your feet right back into a squat
  • 180 jump squats…squat and jump 180 degrees as you come up. Mod: squat down and up, step back foot up toward front foot,  pivot 180 degrees so your feet switch places,, and repeat
  • Ski Abs…from the plank position, tuck knees out and feet jump out to side alternating sides.
  • Jack squats…Jumping jacks but in the squat position.  So you are sitting low, keep your knees behind your toes.  Do 10 reg jacks, then 10 squat jacks and keep alternating.

Sleep and Weight loss…And my need for chocolate cake

2 01 2011

The fact that both my kids slept today until 7:30 triggered this post.  See, yesterday was a rough day for me. It wasn’t so much  that I enjoyed a few New Year’s cocktails.  It was the fact that I only got about 4 hours of sleep (had to ring in the New Year like everyone else).  I woke up feeling exhausted and a constant craving for chocolate cake haunted me all day long.  It was like nothing satisfied my hunger.  It was so frustrating!

Today was a whole new ball game.  The chocolate cake craving is completely gone. Then it all hit me.  I remember researching the effects of sleep on weight loss. I know, as crazy as it sounds, getting enough sleep is a critical ingredient when it comes to reaching those weight loss goals.

So here is the low down. There are four hormones that affect the way we metabolize fat and carbohydrates, our appetite, and the recovery/growth of our lean muscle.  Leptin and ghrelin work together to keep our appetite in check. More specifically, leptin tells us when we are hungry and ghrelin informs our brain when we are full. Here’s the kicker, when we don’t get enough quality sleep, our leptin levels increase while our ghrelin levels decrease. Our body is continually telling us we are hungry and our brain never tells us we are full…we just keep eating and eating.

Wait, there’s more. When we don’t get quality sleep, our growth hormone levels decrease. This growth hormone is a magical protein that enables our body to burn fat while growing and repair lean muscle. Remember, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day.

If that isn’t enough, lack of sleep causes the release of a wicked hormone called cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol is guilty of promoting that belly fat that we so struggle with…ugh. This release of stress hormones can also lead to stress eating.  Do I really need to go on?!?!

Deciding what to put in our mouth several times a day can be hard enough so we definitely don’t need our hormones working against us.  Research has actually shown that people who sleep less than seven hours per night are more likely to be overweight or obese.  Seriously, set yourself up for success and try to get EIGHT solid, peaceful hours of sleep every single night.

I’m not real into New Year’s Resolutions because I believe in doing the little things day in and day out (“The Slight Edge”).  However, this is something I really need to work on so I guess you could call it my “New Year’s Slight Edge Resolution”.  I get up everyday at 6am to workout so if you see me on Facebook after 10PM call me out on it because I should be in bed:) Oh, and I never got that big piece of cake if you were wondering!


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