Eat Your Words…their lives depend on it!

16 09 2010

Usually I have a well thought out plan for my blog posts.  However, this one just came to me tonight as I was sitting in Bible study class. It is a parenting class.  Our class leader was talking about how we, as parents, are the most influential people in our kid’s lives. The way we live is what our kids learn. Now, she was talking about faith but that pertains to everything…even health and fitness. 

Did you know that for the first time in history our kids have a shorter life expectancy than we do?  Type 2 diabetes can no longer be called adult onset because children are getting it. And 1/5 of all children are struggling with weight.  That is amazing…and scary!  Even scarier, 2/3 of all adults are struggling with weight and if we are the most influential people in our kids lives then the number of kids struggling is only going to go up.

Do you see where I’m going with this? I hear all too often that there just isn’t enough time to work out. Or, that it is just too late after the kids go to bed. Who says the kids need to be in bed when you workout.  They need to see that it is a priority in your life…their lives depend on it and so does yours!

Okay, I’m going to toot my horn this month for the success story.  There are a lot of things that I fall short of when it comes to parenting, but leading a healthy lifestyle is not one of them.  Since birth, Griffin has watched me workout in the garage.  We have run hundreds of miles together and he has run many 5k races with me. We used to do lunges and squats together with him in the Baby Bjorn.  He used to go with me to watch me train clients at their house. We talk about how protein is suppose to be in every meal and snack…and I live by that…he sees it, we live it! Now, he tells me he wants to go ride his bike because he needs his exercise.  He begs to come out into the gym and do P90X with me.  He has even been known to turn down cookies because “they aren’t for a healthy body”. Let me tell you, I was one proud mama when he said that!

You might not have kids yet but someday you might and I hope you remember this post. Until then, I read just the other day that you become the average of the five people you hang out with the most. That pertains to anything….from fitness, to parenting, to being a student, to being a wife, to being successful in the work place. When it comes to fitness, think about that next time you’re hanging out with all your friends. Now I’m not saying to get rid of your friends. But I am saying to think about how your lives impact each other and how a healthy lifestyle could change their lives!




2 responses

16 09 2010
Tara Parsons

Great post! I so agree. I really try to involve the kids in my exercise, including doing Stroller Strides (and try to save the bad snacks for after they’re in bed…hahaha). I’ve been teaching Matthew (age 4) already about carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc. and that you need some of each but in moderation. I have to be careful how I word things though, because I don’t want to trend him toward an eating disorder either.

22 09 2010

Thanks, Tara! You are definitely right about wording things right. Any everything in moderation is our motto. However, seems like the idea of moderation is once a day for many when dessert should be more like a once a week thing:)

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